Producer, DJ, event organizer. In 2005, he started his musical adventure playing drums and a year later he discovered the need to fulfill himself as a music producer and DJ. In 2008, it released its first production to stores. Over the years he has produced various genres of electronic music until now where he has deeply rooted in Deep, Tech, Future House. The production of "Confidence" hit the top 100 of the Beatport store in the future house genre and was at the top 38 position.
His works could be heard on Polish and foreign radio stations such as Radio Czwórka or TV stations such as 4FUN TV.DANCE
His song "All We Can Do Is" reached over 150,000 views on YouTube and was broadcast on radio stations in Poland and abroad.
He has been working as a DJ since 2006 - he played in such clubs as "Ambasada - Łódź", "Holiday - Szczecin", "Avocado - Choszczno", "Champion - Police", "Heya - Szczecin", "Champion - Chojna", "Pinocchio - Szczecin", "Eclipse - Stargard", "Club Mango - Stargard" and others
He resided in the clubs: "Złota Rybka" in Ińsk, "Srebrna Rybka" in Ińsk, "Club Mango" in Stargard (now)
Currently, it also promotes its events under the slogan "Future Night" at Club Mango in Stargard
In his sets there are various styles, from house to stronger tech house endings, or electro house, he also often likes to hook up with modern styles such as future house.
In 2016, he opened his own label "Deepcloud Records", releasing much of his material and receiving recommendations from major music stores.
His singles are released by "My-Music Group Polska", one of the biggest labels in the country, such as "All We Can Do Is", "Far Away", "Vertical Horizons", "Tell Me Who I Am", "Hold On Me" "One Night."
His discography also includes the anthem of one of the greatest events in Poland, remixes played in various clubs in Poland and many DJs around the world.
As the main organizer, he can boast of successful "Sound Vibe" events





+48 784 616 466